*Please have the exact money ready (if payment is by cash), before your escort arrives, as she may not have change with her.
*Treat your escorts with respect as she is just someone who is attempting to do her job well. Anything unjust done to her will be reported to the authorities.
*Please do not ask your companion to do things which are against her wishes and abilities.
*Respect the laws of the country (Singapore).
*Tipping is on your own goodwill without any obligations.
*Please furnish us with your full name, exact address of the selected location and a valid Singapore contact number when making your bookings/reservations. All information will be kept confidential at all times.
*There will be an additional of $30 surcharge for services held after midnight, as this is for the incidental cost paid for the transportation of our escorts.
*Please do not bring, intake or do anything illegal when using our services.

We welcome feedbacks and suggestions proposed by you (our clients). We are happy to receive them!