1. How do I make a reservation to book one of your London escorts in Singapore?
    To make reservations/bookings, please call the number at the top of website!
  2. Is there any advance booking/reservation requirements?
    Certain escorts are very popular, thus they have other obligations and will require a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice beforehand.
  3. Can I request on what the escort will wear during our meeting?
    Yes you can. The booking staff always passes on the attire requests to our ladies.
  4. Is it possible to contact your directly?
    No. All of our Nightingale models prefer to have introductions arranged through our escort agency in Singapore.
  5. Do I need to pay for any additional charges?
    What you pay is what you get and we have no intention of taking your money without providing a quality and a genuine sexy female.
  6. Can I deal directly with your escorts for changing of plans?
    No, you cannot. The girls safety is the responsibility of the agency, hence we do not allow any direct dealings.
  7. Are the Nightingale escorts Singaporeans?
    Yes some are and some are European. We do not employ any illegitimate foreigners or deceive our clients on the nationality and race of our escort ladies. All our escorts are of legal age (19 years old and above).
  8. Where is the appointment or service supposed to take place?
    Appointments must only take place in your private apartment or in the privacy of your hotel room. However, if you request for private residence, we will require additional information to ensure the safety and security of our ladies.
  9. How should i conduct myself during the appointment when using my service?
    Obviously, we expect you to be a gentleman and act with consideration at all times. It goes without saying that your beautiful lady will respond more enthusiastically to a courteous, civilized and appreciative client.
  10. Do you accept foreign currencies?
    We do accept US Dollars, Euros and other major currencies: USD, Euros, Sterling.
  11. Is 1 hour the minimum time for an appointment ?
    Yes, however, we do highly recommend a 2 hours appointment to appreciate a genuine girlfriend experience.
  12. What does in calls and out calls mean?
    In calls (sometimes called ‘call ins’), means an escort can provide you with the accommodation for your appointment (usually to be their own apartment or hotel room if they are on vacation here). Unfortunately, we do not provide in call services. We only provide out call services, (sometimes called ‘call outs’), where the accommodation is up to the clients’ preference (which is either at the client’s hotel room or client’s private apartment).
  13. Does your 24/7 outcall girls to MBS actually enjoy their work?
    This is one of the commonly asked questions often raised by potential clients. The simple answer is YES, and if the client is nice and treats them well, they will generally LOVE IT!
  14. Are couples welcome?
    Yes, but depending on the particular VIP escort girl herself. Couples, swingers and singles still represent a significant and valued part of our clientele for this agency.
  15. Are your social ladies clean?
    Yes. Our ladies in Singapore take the same precautions that any health professionals, who come into frequent physical contact with other individuals, would take.
  16. What about your ladies health issues?
    All our escort ladies take care of their personal health. Nevertheless, we advise you to adhere to similar health and safety aspects too when engaging the services of an escort as whatever happens is agreed and consented by you too.
  17. Is there an age requirement for customers?
    You must be 21 years of age and above to enjoy the services of an escort agency.
  18. Can I take pictures and videos?
    No, we are quite inflexible on this matter as in the past, we have had a previous client who created a nuisance by using the pictures of our ladies on the internet.
  19. What standard of clients do you seek?
    Regardless of who you are, we treat everyone equally; with respect, honesty, trust, and confidentially. In return, we ask that you be a perfect gentleman in every way possible.
  20. Do you keep your clients’ information discrete and confidential?
    Yes. Rest assured that we will not disclose or share any information with any third parties.
  21. Do you offer overseas appointments?
    No we do not. We only cater our services to Singapore-based hotels and Singapore-based private apartments, PLEASE TAKE NOTE.
  22. Is it legal to book a social escort in Singapore?
    Please do remember that when you are making a booking, it is for time and companionship purposes only. Anything else that may or may not happen is between the agreement of the lady and yourself. There is nothing illegal about booking somebody to share some great time with. You must be at least 21 years old to do so.